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As a leading copper tube manufacturer and supplier in South Africa, CTA pushes the boundaries of innovation. From the first copper casting machine we made ourselves, we’ve been known for quality by key players in the industry. CTA supplies a range of products used for different purposes to many industries. We pride ourselves on sticking to our ISO9001 compliant status while also going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Some of the leading organisations that we associate ourselves with include:

Institute Of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA)

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IOPSA acts a forum for the plumbing industry in South Africa, including plumbers, suppliers, manufacturers, specifiers and other authorities. It focuses on skills development and maintaining high standards of workmanship in the industry. Members have to sign a Code of Conduct which covers all areas of business practice, standards, professional conduct and more.


Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA)

The CDAA represents the local copper industry in South Africa and promotes copper usage throughout Africa. The organisation, on behalf of its members, is committed to advancing and expanding the use of copper and copper alloys. It also facilitates the adoption of downstream products, and the uses and benefits of copper across a plethora of industries.