Copper Tubing Africa also known as CTA was born out of Machet Engineering established in 1953 and was registered to manufacture copper tube in 1988. Our advanced techniques of a cast and draw system allows us the flexibility to manufacture tube from 15mm to 108mm in round copper tube. This also gives us the ability to manufacture industrial tube for different applications as well as the world first Multi-Channel copper tube.
CTA is a company that has huge flexibility in manufacturing different shapes and sizes of tube, as well as other products.


CTA produces a range of products that utilise the anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties of copper. The CuPedis bathroom mat prevents the spread and re-infection of Athleteís Foot by killing the fungal spores on contact. Itís as easy as replacing your shower or bath mat with a CuPedis and you will soon see the difference.